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Sylvia Thomas,




Thelma C. Thomas

Fortune 500 Business Consultant/Spokesperson


A message from our CEO/President

     We at Campbell Custom Homes II are committed to making our company a Household name in today's American families. In order to make this a reality, we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to be the most respected, professional, ethical, and full service real estate investment company that clearly surpasses the competition. We have created and will continue to maintain a skillful network of lucrative financial institutions, experienced contracted real estate agents, state of the art selection center, and modern home amenities package in order to bring today's family top quality construction of enduring value and the personable continued customer service they deserve. We are NOT just refurbishing to construct immaculate homes, but we're developing beautiful Communities.

     Campbell Custom Homes II revives that extraordinary desire of creating a new world for yourself and your family. A world where you can entangle the absolute with the illusory. Real neighborhood touches and features. Numerous artistic, innovative, classic, and contemporary home amenities. The brilliance and vitality of finding the perfect place to raise your family. These are the things you won't find anywhere else in the same price range. No it's not a world of happily-ever story tales, brave knights, and mythical fairylands, but its a place you'd like to live. So, we ponder the Question still: Why do we dream and believe? Now that we have Campbell Custom Homes II, the Answer, Why not.  

" Campbell Custom Homes, Building to Make Your Dreams a Reality"

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